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US Extended Snowfall Outlook
LONG RANGE OUTLOOK from snowforecast.com - Jan 18, 2018

The start of winter has been a bit delayed from what we forecast back in mid-December (by about a week), but is here, no doubt, and will be with us for the rest of January and into February most likely, with plenty of cold and snowy storms on the way...

Today and Friday we expect snow to fall across the Sierra Nevada (Tahoe-Mammoth), and Wasatch mountain ranges (Salt Lake Utah resort areas), to the tune of a foot of fresh for both Tahoe and Mammoth before its all over, and also 6 inches to a foot of snow for Colorado! Southern California will also see some snow, with some light snow expected in Big Bear mainly on Friday.

Do you want to ski or board in 6 inches to 1 foot of mostly fresh snow, while the sun shines? Go to Tahoe or Mammoth. Do you want to ski or board while its snowing, and 6 inches to 1 foot or more of snow expected? Go to Colorado or Utah for the freshest turns...

The coming weeks will be more busy and we expect frequent snowfalls across all resort areas of the western US and Western Canada. Follow your favorite forecasts at www.snowforecast.com.

LONGER RANGE: We expect a busy pattern (frequent snows) across the western US and Canada into early February.

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