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US Extended Snowfall Outlook
Updated September 18, 2017

UNSETTLED ACROSS THE WEST --> This week we expect a few Gulf of Alaska storms to move through the western US, and drops snow to some mountain areas across Washington, Oregon (Cascades), Idaho, Montana, Wyoming (northern Rocky Mountains), California, Nevada (Tahoe), and Utah (Wasatch). By Saturday we may see some snow for Colorado also, as the trough weakens, warms up some, and shifts east. Luckily, the mountains and resorts in Colorado are so elevated, that despite the warming, snow is still possible. More details are coming. The East Coast (+ the resorts) will be sitting under a high pressure ridge, with warmer than average weather. CM


High pressure ridging will start to dominate the western US, for quite a late summer season warm-up. This should affect all areas, though Colorado will be dealing with some unsettled weather to start (Sat and Sun). This ridge over the west should last through 7 to 10 days, turning unsettled again (storms) after the first few days of October, but more so by the 10th or so as low pressure deepens across the west (colder, snow more likely for many areas). CM

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