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US Extended Snowfall Outlook
(Updated Sunday, Feb 12 for Monday Feb 13) - 16-24 Feb looking good from Squaw Valley to Kirkwood, Mammoth Mountain, also to Southern California's resorts including Mountain High and Bear Mountain, Snow Summit, Snow Valley (heavy snow at times during this period), and the Arizona Snowbowl. Snow will also hit the northern through southern Rocky Mountains, with snowfall more light to moderate there.

By the 16th - 18th (Thursday through Saturday), we see a strong and consolidated jet stream start pushing in across the west coast, and the rest of the western US by Sunday (19th) and into the following week (including southern California where some big storms are likely), with a renewal of snowpack building storms, colder this time around than recent systems. This unsettled pattern should last through the 24th or so, followed by another high pressure ridge and mostly sunny conditions for Western US mountain resort areas. CM
For good information on the snow pack across the US and into southern Canada, including temperature of the snow pack, snow melt, sublimation, new snowfall, snow depth, expected snow, and other parameters/ variables, zoomable with great detail, all overlayed on some really nice maps ~different map choices~ that you can select from, please see our constantly evolving Snowpack Info maps here, and Snow Forecast probability maps here: Best on the net! If you know of better please let us know.
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