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US Extended Snowfall Outlook
Updated October 28, 2017

High pressure ridging will shift to the eastern US starting this coming week, for an overall warm-up (some low pressure systems will still affect the northeast at times).

--Low pressure develops/ deepens across the western US, with colder air and snow likely for western US resort areas again. The resort areas from Mammoth-Tahoe and north to the Cascades and Inland Northwest US, east to Utah and Colorado, will all see about a week to 10 days (Nov 02/03 to Nov 10/12) of frequent snows, some heavy, to build up the early season base depths. If you want the real insight on what is coming in the longer range, useable information, then keep checking back with the site that has been "Predicting Sick Days since 1998". Most of the information above was posted 8 days ago. Have a great season! CM

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