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  • New Snow:1 in.
  • Forecasted:1 in.
  • Season Total:47 in.
  • Average Base:17 in.

Snow Potential: 1 to 2 inches of snowfall overnight

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I've found your Kirkwood forecast to be the most on-point forecast for the entire region for about eight years, especially when I lived in Reno/Tahoe. Matter of fact, I've been watching closely now that I live in the PNW and travel south for the storms. It's NEVER let me down!

Jason T.

Chris at continues his magic for all of us skiers and riders. He has been spot on all winter and guided me to some huge pow days in Colorado and Utah. Thanks for your hard work and dedication!

Richard E.

I've enjoyed using your website since either the 99/00 or the 00/01 ski seasons. At that time I was a professional ski patroller and was suggested to me as the only accurate place to get our local weather...

Daniel E.

I'm the type of guy that accesses your reports from the link on our employee portal homepage, and then visits 2 or 3 other weather outlets with my eyes focusing on the forecasted snow totals. You were by far the most accurate last season...

Chad J.

US outlook
FORECAST DISCUSSION Dec 08, 2016 - Thursday at 6:30am PST
Forecast discussion

Today through Saturday, we see the next storm move through, with a somewhat similar trajectory, though this time Tahoe and Mammoth should get in on the action with potential heavy snow of 1 to 2 feet. The system favors the Cascades and also the northern and central Rocky Mountains, with more moderate to heavy snowfall at most resort areas, mainly Friday and Saturday for central Colorado and northern Utah.
Sunday and Monday (11th/ 12th) we see another storm move in with similar snowfall and areas affected as the Thursday/ Friday storm, and this should be another good one. Around/ after mid December; storms should be moving in and cutting farther south, affecting northern New Mexico (Taos) and other areas thus far not affected, like southern California as well. The pattern looks progressive/ busy with short breaks, not much blocking of storms (highly amplified north-south pattern, blocking high pressure, all NOT expected), and fresh snow on a fairly frequent basis. In other words, things are looking good for December from Tahoe to Colorado and areas north… CM