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  • New Snow:0"
  • Forecasted:1"
  • Season Total:213"
  • Average Base:79 to 84"

Snow Potential: Snowfall expected to be a trace to 1 inch in the early morning.

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I've found your Kirkwood forecast to be the most on-point forecast for the entire region for about eight years, especially when I lived in Reno/Tahoe. Matter of fact, I've been watching closely now that I live in the PNW and travel south for the storms. It's NEVER let me down!

Jason T.

Chris at continues his magic for all of us skiers and riders. He has been spot on all winter and guided me to some huge pow days in Colorado and Utah. Thanks for your hard work and dedication!

Richard E.

I've enjoyed using your website since either the 99/00 or the 00/01 ski seasons. At that time I was a professional ski patroller and was suggested to me as the only accurate place to get our local weather...

Daniel E.

I'm the type of guy that accesses your reports from the link on our employee portal homepage, and then visits 2 or 3 other weather outlets with my eyes focusing on the forecasted snow totals. You were by far the most accurate last season...

Chad J.

Short and Long Range weather outlook for southwest Canada!
Posted Oct 27, 2018 - A relatively warm storm system is moving in for today and Sunday with showers all across southern British Columbia and southwest Alberta, starting out heavy right now, Saturday night, for the Vancouver, BC area: WUNIDS_map_Canada_10272018 The next several days to before Halloween look like this in terms of precipitation: gfs_mslp_pcpn_frzn_nwus_fh6-96 (2) And here is how snowfall is looking for now through just after the 10th of November: (45 to 90cm of snow (18" to 36") is possible in the next 16 days for areas 1,200 to 1,500+ meters in elevation (4,000 to 5,000 feet), which includes many resorts base to top!)
45 to 90cm of snow (18" to 36") is possible in the next 16 days for areas 1,200 to 1,500+ meters in elevation (4,000 to 5,000 feet), which includes many resorts base to top!
45 to 90cm of snow (18" to 36") is possible in the next 16 days for areas 1,200 to 1,500+ meters in elevation (4,000 to 5,000 feet), which includes many resorts base to top!
My latest discussion, highlighting one of our new sponsors, Revelstoke! Link to Revelstoke Forecast Link to all British Columbia, Canada Forecasts
2019-03-20 - March 20 - Where to be this weekend for the fresh pow, or the sun + pow?!
WEDNESDAY?12:00pm Pacific Time: ACTIVE WEEKEND! You will want to check out this whole update, lots of info in here. Do you like this info? Do you have suggestions??Please email me at From?Mammoth to Sun Valley to Alta to Aspen, this weekend you really cannot lose, no matter where you go... As we all know this winter has been amazing! Most of the Western US resort regions (and the northeast)?are covered in greater than usual snowpack, with upper elevations of the Pacific Northwest, Tahoe, Utah, and Colorado covered in 12+ feet of snow, some 20+ feet in the Sierra Nevada! From our latest snowpack/ snow depth (satellite derived) imagery: (check this link for much more) Tahoe?(click for link to this map): Utah, Alta (click for link to this map): Western Colorado?(click for link to this map): We have an active snow week leading up to the weekend, and an active weekend, across Tahoe, Utah, Colorado, and the Pacific Northwest, favoring the Sun Valley through Big Sky through Jackson Hole areas (with some others who are not in these zones, check below)!?If you are looking for the absolute freshest snow for the weekend, you want to head to Colorado or Jackson Hole/ Big Sky, where it will be snowing through the weekend... #1 for most recent fresh snow through Friday morning (and more coming Saturday) -?Mammoth Mountain - Central Pacific storm? systems moving in with a combination of targeting?Central California, and coming in with higher than usual snow levels, means that the 8,000 foot base elevation Mammoth Mountain is the #1 target for the heaviest snow with NO snow level issues, and an already deep 160 to 230" of snow (almost 20 feet in spots on the upper mountain!). 1 to 1 1/2 feet of fresh snow is expected from now and through Friday morning, then more moves in on Saturday, likely?another 6 inches to a foot, and a SUNNY Sunday! It's something for everyone! TOP PICKS: #1 for fresh snow through the weekend- Northern Utah and Western Colorado: Moderate to heavy snow on Thursday, then more snow from the same storm, moving in slowly?on?Friday/ Saturday, significant additional snow, then another storm moving in on Sunday, will keep you in freshies all weekend at most Western Colorado and Northern Utah resorts. Snow levels will be an issue for areas like Park City/ Deer Vally/ Canyons, so we recommend the higher elevation resorts of western Colorado, unless you are headed to Alta or Brighton, Utah. Taos Mountain Resort is favored on Friday? under a southwest flow and good moisture as low pressure moves through the region. #2 - Fresh snow through the weekend: Southern Idaho through Jackson Hole/ Big Sky:?1 foot of fresh snow for upper mountain areas is expected across southern Idaho, and to 2 feet on upper Jackson Hole Friday through Sunday... Now through the weekend, snowfall: Winners? Mammoth Mountain, Jackson Hole, Sun Valley, Alta, Aspen-Snowmass What were we saying a week ago (14th), about the weekend to come? "Next weekend?(22nd - 24th)?we expect for snow to be falling from Tahoe through Utah, and Colorado as the pattern becomes a bit unsettled again. There may be some snow level issues. Storms will likely be targeting the central Rocky Mountain areas of Utah and Colorado, but impact Tahoe initially and with the heaviest snow (and some snow level issues). So for now, Tahoe is looking best for next weekend." <--We have shifted to Mammoth due to snow level issues, otherwise, out forecast from a week ago, for the coming weekend, is still on track! The amazing western US season continues... stay tuned.?CM...More

2019-03-14 - Tahoe-Mammoth Long Range Forecast (March 14, 2019)
LONGER RANGE FORECAST Updated Thursday?Mar?14, 2019:?This weekend we expect sunny skies and spring-like 50's in Tahoe, with heaps of snow this season so far......More

2019-03-14 - Western Canada Long Range forecast (March 14, 2019)
REST OF MARCH:?Saturday we expect a fairly well organized low pressure system to move in and drop mostly light to moderate snow across the region....More

2019-03-14 - Sunny pretty much everywhere this weekend... who will have the freshest snow?
THURSDAY 9:40am Pacific Time: This is going to be an AMAZING weekend across the western US....More