Where to be for the best snow this weekend! (8th - 10th of March)
Here is our "top picks" snow forecast for this weekend...

For those who want the short and sweet right up front, Utah and Colorado will be the places to be this weekend! Strong northern storms will drop south into the western US with strong dynamics, and these systems will draw on some at times subtropical moisture, which will?mostly affect the southwest US, including to the greatest extent, Utah and even more so, Colorado....More
Where to be for the best snow this weekend! (22-24th Feb)
Here is our "top picks" snow forecast for this weekend...

Hands-down,?Arizona will get the lions share of snow?before this weekend, with Thursday and Friday producing possibly 2 feet of new snow for the Arizona Snowbowl near Flagstaff, and that is on top of already?great snowfall this season! This is due to a VERY cold storm system dropping in out of the north (528-534dm 500-1kmb thickness this far south is unusual), a bit limited on moisture, but pulling from the Pacific offshore of southern California as it sweeps through....More
REST OF FEBRUARY:?High pressure ridging aloft builds in across the Gulf of Alaska, and Alaska, which is the usual source region for our more "juicy" storms that drop powder+ days...
Instead, we expect?storms to drop in fairly frequently from out of the north, a drier region over land, for mostly moisture starved low pressure systems clipping most of western Canada with 2.5 (1 inch) to 7.5cm (3 inches) snowfalls, some to 15cm (6 inches of snow)....More
Where to be for the best snow this weekend! (8-10th Feb)

Here is our early forecast for this weekend...

Hands-down, Tahoe ? Mammoth?will be?the winner in terms of snow all through this weekend, with NO snow level issues, in fact dry and cold powder is what we mostly expect, especially on Sunday...

We are expecting two storms to move through, the first of which?will be the weaker of the two, and will also be faster moving one, mainly a wave out ahead of the main storm to hit Saturday and Sunday.

It looks like the snow will begin flying again mainly Friday afternoon through overnight, with 6 to 10 inches of fresh snow?forecast?to be on the ground for the Saturday morning snow?report, for favored resorts across Northern Tahoe like Sugar Bowl and Squaw-Alpine, and 3 to 6 inches of snow for other areas.

Friday, First storm, GFS Snow Accumulation by Saturday 4am based on a 1:10 water to snow ratio, whereas the water to snow ratio will be closer to 1:15 (more snow than shown on this map, is what is expected by the Saturday morning snow report)...

A stronger?and larger scale, slower moving, and offshore positioning storm system starts dropping in from out of the north, located offshore, looking stronger/ colder, more dynamic, and dropping heavy snow Saturday and Sunday, basically?ALL weekend long! We expect to see? 10? to?18 inches of snow each?day all across Tahoe-Mammoth, for a total of 2 (south Tahoe, Mammoth) to 3+ (north Tahoe) feet of extra snow expected this weekend! Saturday and Sunday!

Friday through Sunday,?2 storms, GFS Snow Accumulation by Sunday 4pm (close of business for most resorts on Sunday) based on a 1:10 water to snow ratio, whereas the water to snow ratio will be closer to 1:15 and even 1:20 (possibly MUCH more snow than shown on this map, is what is expected by the Sunday?afternoon at 4pm! The snow will continue through Monday morning, so show up Monday if you like less crowds, DEEP and Fresh snow, and sunshine! Cold-smoke, No-joke powder! (on top of deep bases!)

Combined with the snow that has already fallen across Tahoe-Mammoth in recent weeks, conditions will be?amazing this weekend! In fact, we are expecting no snow level issues whatsoever, and even a drier/ colder?cold-smoke powder, especially on Sunday....More
4 to 5 FEET of snow for Tahoe through weekend/ Monday! Long Range update too!
Jan 31, 2019 - 3pm Pacific Time

4 to 5 FEET of snow is expected for Tahoe this weekend through Monday, then expect sun + fresh snow on Tuesday!

Heavy snow is expected for Tahoe on Saturday, but not at lake level....More
Where to go in the western US this weekend for the freshest snow? AKA: "Go to Colorado"
I explain where in this video....More
Western USA: Great snow choices this weekend!
For the first time this winter, all areas of the US are looking at some great conditions and fresh snowfall, even snow all weekend for some! Here it is in a nutshell:

WESTERN US: For this weekend, Saturday and Sunday:

Do you want fresh snow on the ground, great conditions, and drier powder, with heavy new snowfall amounts, combined with mostly sunny skies and great conditions??Head to Aspen-Snowmass (a foot or more expected Thu/ Fri), or other western Colorado ski resorts!

If you are looking for a really deep fresh Snow (multiple feet but with some initially high snow levels, dense snow underneath), and more snow falling on Sunday (6 to 12 inches new) after a mostly sunny Saturday??Head to Tahoe?

If you want fresh snow, already great conditions, and more snow falling on you possibly all weekend, powder day criteria, Head to Sun Valley, Jackson hole or Big Sky....More
Tahoe-Mammoth weather discussions updated
For the first time since 2013, we have fired up the Tahoe-Mammoth weather discussions with the intent of continuing them on a regular basis......More
December 03, 2018 - Inland Empire (Eastern WA, North ID, Northwest MT) Long Range Weather Outlook
Some snow lingers across?mainly Silver Mountain to lookout and east to Whitefish today, but clears out in dry northwest winds across eastern Washington, 49N and Mt Spokane, to Schweitzer today....More
December 02, 2018 - Southwest Canada (BC and Alberta) Long Range Weather Outlook
Some snow lingers across southeast BC (including?Revelstoke MR) this morning, but clears out in dry north winds today (Monday), then,?No storms, CHILLY, high pressure ridge across western Canada, sunshine for the mountain, but good snow-preserving COLD air under a north/ northwest flow of winds overhead and across the mountain.

HOW DID WE DO (please contact chris@snowforecast.com or comment below)??Let us know please...?This is what we?WERE forecasting for opening weekend: "Friday (opening day at the stoke) through the weekend, we expect storm energy to track just to the south while a high pressure ridge starts building in over western Canada, with most snow hitting the Pacific Northwest of the US, some occasional snow for the mid and lower mountain areas in southwest Canada, in much COLDER air as it is dragged out of the north....More
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