There is hope... Tahoe-Mammoth snow coming soon!
What we have been looking at for some time now... out west...

Not much or no snow...

CODNEXLAB-regional-northwest-vis-ani12-201712282015-100-100-1620 (1)
We are currently (see below computer model and above satellite imagery) dealing with the incessantly strong and freakishly persistent ridge of high pressure across the west coast, blocking Pacific storms from areas like Tahoe and Mammoth, where we are seeing a snow drought. Change is coming...


We started talking about this more than a couple of weeks ago. We do not believe that we are restricted by computer models, as intuition plays a large role in forecasting the weather...  By January 5th-10th (below), we expect some changes out west. At a maximum, preferred outcome, we expect some storms to start weakening the ridge, though not completely breaking it down, and these storms pop through with some moderate snow totals. At best, the ridge is obliterated and major storms start rolling through around the 10th. The latter scenario would be preferred... and we are forecasting an in-between outcome, which means a big improvement for Tahoe and Mammoth.

Below we see computer generated snowfall totals for the 5th-12th of January, which would be a massive improvement over recent weather patterns out west.


Changes are coming...

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Live webcam image from resort
  • New Snow:2"
  • Forecasted:4"
  • Season Total:0"
  • Average Base:50 to 72"

Snow Potential: Snowfall is forecast to be 2 to 3 inches at the base, and 3 to 5 inches on the upper mountain, with snow levels approaching 7,000 feet (dense).