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Nov 14, 2019 - The Alps are getting hammered with snow, and more is on the way...

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Do you want to get some serious powder? Head to the Italian, southern French, Swiss, and southern Austrian Alps regions! Strong and cold low pressure has set up across the region, and the French/ Italian Alps (especially, snow for all though) are getting hit with some heavy snow as of last night, not sure on totals yet, but some clearing is expected today (Friday), though periods of snow are still expected due to lingering low pressure...

This weekend: A few more rounds of moderate to heavy snow move through the Alps Saturday through Monday night, as strong low pressure sits over the region and pulls water vapor from the Med, sending some upper-level weather disturbances through the area, along with cold air and ample moisture, especially to the Italian, Austrian (south primarily), and Julian Alps as a south and southwest cross-mountain wind flow provides good orographics/ terrain enhancement/ upslope/ lift for the areas mentioned. We are talking totals in excess of 6 feet/ 180cm now through Monday for ski resort elevations down to 2,000 feet (600m)! Check specific forecasts on our site for the details. Andorra is included in areas favored (Pyrenees Mountains), but sits a bit to the west of heaviest expected snowfall. Slovenia will see mostly light snow with this weather event mainly Sunday and Monday.

Next week: Expect a BREAK FROM SNOW after snow ends Monday evening through overnight, with mostly sunshine mixed with clouds expected on Tuesday as a high pressure ridge builds in. MORE SNOW: By next Wednesday and Thursday (20th-21st Nov), expect a beast of a storm to be centered over and hitting the UK with some early snow and cold, while milder air moves into the Alps on a southerly wind flow, and upper level weather disturbances plus moisture help to trigger some showers, for snow to 4,000-6,000 feet (1,200 to 1,800m). Mostly light to moderate snowfalls are expected.

It looks like energy from that massive storm may split and not be a direct hit on the Alps next weekend (22nd-24th), for more snowfall but not the massive amounts expected this weekend, more on the order of 15-30cm more likely, and snow levels near 5,000 to 6,000 feet (1,500 to 1,800m).

LONG RANGE: Colder than average, more snow than average this winter and spring for the Alps. More detail is coming. -Meteorologist/ Chris Manly

Accumulations of snow by THIS Monday evening (Nov 18th)! The light colored regions (most of the Italian, southern Austrian, and Swiss Alps) represent 100+ inches (250+cm) of snow.

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