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World Extended Outlook - S. Hemisphere updated!

Updated for Friday July 06, 2018 --Southern Hemi forecast discussions are now up and running! Scroll down for all areas (S. America and NZ/ AUS)... Email us at with any requests! NEW ZEALAND - --> Please see our latest weather discussion on video!   NEW ZEALAND LONGER RANGE FORECAST - 13th - 20th or so of July looks to be mostly dominated by high pressure ridging and fair weather, or some clouds at times with light snow, but this is occasional, with fair weather more frequent in this time period, not much snow is expected yet. CM CHILE/ ARGENTINA - Perspectiva General (Overview) - Wednesday and Thursday look .... Friday through Sunday - ... LONGER RANGE FORECAST (South America) - Mid-May and through the rest of the month, we are expecting the more dominant pattern to be unsettled, with colder storms affecting the region as the jet stream moves further north. Ski areas to the south of Santiago will see more frequent snowfall through this period. Either way winter is here and more frequent snowstorms are on the way! CM  
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