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It has been a while since we updated this outlook. When paying full attention to the Tahoe area, which I have been watching weather patterns for since the 1970's, no one is more accurate in their forecasts of weather events/ timing/ snow totals, including in the long range. We gained quite a reputation for our Tahoe forecasts over a span of almost 15 years, gaining the attention of TV stations who used the forecasts with no mention of source, a movie financier who wanted me to be a part of a "think tank" group of professionals, radio stations, etc. Even major growers/ ag interests were using these free forecasts (for the longer range accuracy of weather event timing and significance), as an accurate long range forecaster is the equivalent of a "fortune teller", as told to me by the movie financier. There are competitors who charge for their info, and we do not, even though our information is a paid service in other formats we continue to deliver to agriculture customers to this day (Circa 1995). As I stated, I put my forecasts up against anyone else's in the area.

We gave out over $50,000 in SWAG (lodging, tickets, passes, gear, even Nativa Naturals food) from 2009-2011, stuff we couldn't even afford to buy ourselves, to many people from SFO and SAC, TVL area. If you check my bio you will see my story, there is a LOT more to it than what I am typing here.

I have received many emails due to the missing updates. The answer is, we have not had any support from advertisers, resorts, anyone in this region since around 2013. I continued on with the forecasting hoping for some support in the form of advertising or sponsorship, but it didn't happen, and I do not know anyone else who works for free.

That said, I would like to get these forecast outlooks going again-->

I never charged the site user for this service. The skier/ snowboarder has enough to pay for with fuel, lift tickets and passes, gear, life, etc., and I feel it is a service that should be provided by the host, the resort, to its visitors, even if in the form of advertising on the site. I have the same awesome, nice traffic as the rest of the snow sports niche sites, but am not going to run Google ads so they can charge $20/ cpm and give us less than a dollar cpm.

That said... I watch Colorado as that is where the business is for me. Recently, Bogus Basin joined the client list and now we work up a complete custom forecast for them as well, with a long range outlook. I will be drawing from that already completed work to deliver you a broad-brush longer range outlook for Tahoe, for now. I hope it is useful for you:

LONGER RANGE: The 9th of January another low pressure system moves in with good potential snowfall, on the order of roughly a foot of snow so not a big deal but definitely welcomed fresh snow. The snow levels should run just below resort elevations for the typical "Sierra Cement", dense base building snowfall. The 11-12th (roughly) and then the 13-18th of January, we expect unsettled conditions to continue dominating the western US (had this forecast for over a month, early Dec forecast for this mid-late Jan time frame), and we expect a prominent moisture tap from the tropics, as El Nino starts to show itself more... So basically, between the 9th and 18th, we expect many more storms to move through with snow for Tahoe through Mammoth, and down south to including SoCal... Not bad! This unsettled period should last into around the 18th-20th of January, then in the last part of Jan and early February (through the 8th maybe), we start off with a snow down time under high pressure ridging. More to come. CM
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