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Ski Sock Roundup
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2018 October 30, 2018 by Luke Koppa

Strangely, attitudes about ski socks largely seem to fall into two camps: either you don’t care or think about socks much at all, or else, you wouldn’t dream of skiing in anything other than your personal favorites.  But we are here to say that socks really do matter, and the wrong pair can really screw up your backcountry tour or your day banging out chairlift laps. So whether you’ve never given much thought to them, or have been too loyal for too long to your favorite brand, it could be time to reevaluate.  Furthermore, feet vary a lot, and personal preference is also a big factor. Some of us like the thinnest sock possible, while others prefer more cushioning. Some really value easy on / off, while some of us will put in a bit more effort getting the socks on in order to get a very tight, secure fit.  So we’ve rounded up here 17 pairs of ski socks, and broken them out based on how much cushioning they have (non-cushioned, light cushioning, and medium cushioning). We then go into detail about what differentiates each sock from the others, making it easier to figure out which will work best for you. (more)
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