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LONGER RANGE FORECAST Updated Thursday Apr 11, 2019: One storm (weak) moves through Sunday (light snow up around 8,000+ feet, light rain showers below), and another late Monday through early Tuesday (2 to 4" of snow, snow level 5,000 to 6,000 feet, below resort elevations), for quick shots of light snow.

ALL next week (15th - 19th) looks mostly sunny and mild, spring weather and snow surface conditions...

We may see a shot of showers/ snow that weekend (20-21st April), then more high pressure ridging and mild spring weather.

The last days of April into early May could be busy again with low pressure systems and snowfall as the pattern reverts back to unsettled.

May overall, more busy with storms than usual, more rains for California, more snow for the Sierra Nevada. More details are coming. Do you like what we do? Please let us know. CM


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NOTES: When paying full attention to the Tahoe area, which I have been watching weather patterns for since the 1970's, no one is more accurate in their forecasts of weather events/ timing/ snow totals, including in the long range. We gained quite a reputation for our Tahoe forecasts over a span of almost 15 years, gaining the attention of TV stations who used the forecasts with no mention of source, a movie financier who wanted me to be a part of a "think tank" group of professionals, radio stations, etc. Even major growers/ ag interests were using these free forecasts (for the longer range accuracy of weather event timing and significance), as an accurate long range forecaster is the equivalent of a "fortune teller", as told to me by the movie financier. There are competitors who charge for their info, and we do not, even though our information is a paid service in other formats we continue to deliver to agriculture customers to this day (Circa 1995). As I stated, I put my forecasts up against anyone else's in the area.

I never charged the site user for my services. The skier/ snowboarder has enough to pay for with fuel, lift tickets and passes, gear, life, etc., and I feel it is a service that should be provided by the host, the resort, to its visitors, even if in the form of advertising on the site. I have the same awesome traffic as the rest of the snow sports niche sites, but am not going to run Google ads so they can charge $20/ cpm and give us less than a dollar cpm (literally their crumbs, and what are they creating on a daily basis? weather forecasts? So, no thanks).

I hope this service is useful for you. CM
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