8,000+ foot snow levels, 2 to 6 inches of water across the Sierra Nevada Mountains (4 to 6" west slope)...
With a 150+ mph Jet Stream cutting through, gobs of water extending all the way back to Hawaii and beyond, into the deep tropics, plus strong mechanical lifting up the mountains, and upper level dynamics, the Sierra Nevada Mountains are getting drenched with already near 4" of rain at Blue Canyon (west slope at 6,000 feet), and much more coming today... Snow levels are at over 8,000 feet, so most resorts are getting all rain.

What does this look like on water vapor imagery?

By tonight this all turns to snow, but just a tailing off period of 1 to 2" of the goodness in Tahoe (Lake level), and 2 to 4" for west slope areas above 6,000 feet...
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Live webcam image from resort
  • New Snow:0"
  • Forecasted:0"
  • Season Total:0"
  • Average Base:0"

Snow Potential: No snow throughout the day.