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First Weekend of February, What are we expecting? Heavy snow for the Cascades and into the Northern Rocky Mountains…
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In short, not much in terms of snow, if you are not in the Northwest US. We have some snow leading up to the weekend, mainly across the northwest US and Northern Rocky Mountains, then this weekend starting mainly later Saturday and through Sunday a COLD looking storm system drops in across the Cascades and Northern Rocky Mountains with significant snowfall potential, 2 to 4 feet for the Cascades, significant to 1+ feet for the northern Rocky Mountains, and 1/2+ feet for southern Idaho. 

This is the expected snowfall based on a 10:1 ratio of snow to water, between now and Friday morning...

This is the expected evolution of snowfall between Friday morning and Sunday afternoon...

...and this is the total, on the ground by Sunday afternoon (includes all snow between now and Sunday afternoon. Northern Rocky Mountains, Cascades, the places to be this weekend if you want fresh pow... Meteorologist/ Chris Manly/

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