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July 06, 2019 – South America Long Range Forecast
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SOUTH AMERICA Long Range Weather Outlook
Updated: July 06, 2019 at 12:30pm (in Santiago, Chile)

Quick update, showers and resort elevation snow are expected at times (mostly light) through this weekend, into early next week for areas south of the Mendoza region, Nequen and Bariloche. Even there, these are mostly light and occasional, mixed with plenty of sunshine. Mendoza remains mostly dry and with some clouds, mostly sun.

By mid and late next week (10th-14th of July), we are expecting more moderate snow at times, not just light, for Nequen and Bariloche regions, especially the more southerly Bariloche and Chubut. Mendoza may see some resort snow next weekend (13th-14th) as low pressure dips further north.

Mid July and onward, storms increase, strength and cold air increase/ improve, and moisture increases, basically stronger storms, and more frequent, for moderate to heavy snowfall across Nequen and Bariloche, south, light to moderate for the Mendoza region, though we will have to watch for potential heavy snow there. More detail is coming. - Chris Manly/ Meteorologo/ USA

SOUTH AMERICA Long Range Weather Outlook
Updated: June 25, 2019 at 2:30pm (in Santiago, Chile)

After some heavy snowfalls from the current and expected low pressure system this Wednesday and Thursday (June 26 - 27)...
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This weekend, 28 to 30 June, we expect a couple of weaker low pressure systems to move through, with snow showers for all resort areas north to Santiago, heavier just south of Santiago including Cerro Bayo Resort, as a couple of low pressure systems move through.

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On Monday we expect lingering snow as a low pressure system is exiting the area. Totals will be light to moderate.

Most of next week (July 02 through July 07) Tuesday through Friday (snow may linger into Tuesday), we expect a large and strong high pressure ridge to dominate the weather for the Andes Mountains, with sun and some clouds mixed, milder temperatures and no snow expected north of Patagonia (most of the larger more popular resorts in the Santiago, Chile region will be dry), mostly dry and sunny for the Andes Mountains. Meanwhile Patagonia will see regular, frequent snowfalls through this period.

Around July 08 through July 10, we see a transition back into unsettled and snowy weather for the Andes Mountains and places like Valle Nevado, Portillo, etc. This should last through mid-July.    Meteorologo: Christopher Manly
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