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Cut and dry powder-seeker advice for 20-26 February/ Western US
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I was looking for a little advice if possible. I have an open trip planned for 2/20-2/26 and considering Mammoth, Tahoe or Utah. I've been looking at forecasts for those dates and it looks like a system is developing that could come over the west coast for my dates. Just wondering if you can help in determining which is a better home base? Tahoe, Mammoth, and possibly Utah. Any help is greatly appreciated.... reply:
Hi, between the 3, I would say Mammoth Mountain would be most favored due to higher elevation in case of snow level issues which have seemed to plague the Sierra Nevada in recent storms due to a milder mid-Pacific storm origin, a west coast favorable trough position, and also the storm track trending more southerly, which would place Mammoth in the better position to receive the most snow.

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