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Southern British Columbia to see snow to the valley floors (Revelstoke, BC) Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning…
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7:45am Mountain Time, Saturday October 5, 2019 -Updated Oct 05, 2019 at 1:00am MST

Today (Saturday the 5th) - Another low pressure system moves in tonight with some snow showers expected to develop, and snow showers above mainly 4,000 feet, dipping to 3,500 at times today (1,200m, to 1065m). Most snow ends after the morning hours, with some clearing. Light snow totals are expected across southern BC above snow line. A low pressure system moves in Sunday night after a mostly sunny Sunday, for some light snow to 4,500 feet (1350m), but with rising snow levels.

Next Monday and Tuesday expect stronger low pressure to move in, with some rain showers falling on Monday below 7,000 feet (2130m), then as the colder core (-12 to -16c at 10,000 feet, 10 to 3 Fahrenheit/ COLD) of this system passes over on Tuesday, some snow down to below 2,000 feet (600m). Revelstoke could see some in-town snowfall, more likely overnight, and around a trace to 1 inch (up to 5cm) of snowfall there, likely between 1/2 and 1 foot (15-30cm) for upper mountain areas above 6,000 feet (1,800m).

Low pressure is exiting the area by next Wednesday, with lingering snow in the morning (and snow down to southern BC valley floors (as 700mb/ 3,000m/ 10,000 foot temps drop to -18c/ -1F ), then mostly sunny skies are expected both Wednesday afternoon and Thursday under a brief ridge of high pressure. Meteorologist/ Chris Manly

LONGER RANGE OUTLOOK: Another system moves in next weekend (12th/ 13th of October), not as strong or cold this time, with snow levels mainly staying above 4,000 feet, for valley (and town of Revelstoke) rains. The snow could be moderate (15+cm) for Kingfisher Heli with its lower elevations of operation near 5,000 feet (1,500m), and upper elevations of Revelstoke.

High pressure ridging alternating with frequent periods of wind, cooling, and showers/ snow, are expected through the rest of October, and low pressure becoming more dominant, thus chances for snowfall, including to lower elevations like the valley floors, will increase, especially after we get more after post October 15. 10:1 ratios from the latest snow model for the next 2 weeks outputs 2 to 3 FEET (60 to 90cm) for the upper mountain areas of Revelstoke and Kingfisher. .

Expect a colder and more snowy winter for Revelstoke and Kingfisher Heli, plus the rest of British Columbia and Alberta, Canada this season. I am thinking early openings again on some great early season conditions. We are in a neutral ENSO pattern (no El Nino or La Nina), leaning to La Nina this winter 2019-2020 I would say. More details are coming. Meteorologist/ Chris Manly

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