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Tahoe and Mammoth to get hit by lower resort-elevation snows next Tuesday and Wednesday
The weather is looking unsettled frequently this week and next for the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Tahoe to Mammoth, but snow levels wait until next Tuesday-Wednesday to drop to lower resort elevations as a stronger system moves in with colder air and strong dynamics. This should be good news for resort areas dealing with a snow drought and ridiculously persistent upper-level high pressure ridge across the west coast and southwest US. The storm that moves in will be weakened some by the ridge in place. Following this system on the 9th-10th of January, we expect more storms to move through with the snow levels being lower and storms a bit stronger. Conditions are expected to improve in January as we have been forecasting since before mid-December. Please watch for updates. Below is an animation of expected snowfall in inches from the GFS model, for next Tuesday and Wednesday. CM

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