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After Spring Weather, Winter She Arrives… next week!
And through the rest of March, into April for the western US.

High pressure ridging dominates the western US this weekend, except for the Pacific Northwest...

By next Tuesday and Wednedsay, Tahoe is getting hit with moderate to heavy snow, and this snowmaking low pressure moves across Utah and Colorado, hitting the northern Rocky Mountains also, though the bulk of energy targets the Pacific, and then through Utah/ Colorado. Places like Sun Valley and Jackson Hole will still see some nice fresh snow... By mid next week, all areas of the west are being affected by snow, with some initial snow level issues... Aspen-Snowmass, looking better with some new snow (please check our detailed Aspen-Snowmass forecasts)... Southern California and northern Arizona will see lighter snow...


By next Friday and that weekend, Tahoe and Mammoth are getting slammed with some big multi-foot snowfalls and we are not expecting much problem with snow levels, so we should see almost all snow to 6,000 feet. The rest of the west is looking colder by then, and some more significant snowfalls are expected across Utah and Colorado also, to the northern Rocky Mountains (incl. Jackson Hole, Sun Valley), Aspen-Snowmass, and Telluride. Some of these systems will take a more southerly track as more closed off systems, affecting places like Taos Ski Valley and west to the Arizona Snowbowl near Flagstaff (did you know that their base elevation is above 9,000 feet?!).

The rest of March looks busy with frequent snowfalls, and this pattern may hold into early April, capping off an amazing snow season for many! CM Be sure to stay tuned to our longer range forecasts that are now as they have been since 1998, Free!
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